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Things are rapidly changing, and so is the way your company is getting work done. The Perimeter Connects team work with you to help you navigate through it all. Scroll down to take a closer look at our services. Then fill out this form to take your first step toward working with us.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Perimeter Connects is a program provided by the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Our services are offered at no cost to employers and professionals within the Central Perimeter business district.

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    Our Services


    Future of Work Partnership

    We offer employers and teams free consulting services to help you shape a balanced future for your organization:

    Employee Surveys

    Our team will shape our Future of Work survey instrument to suit your organization, analyze the data, and package the results to suit your needs.

    Focus Groups

    Get feedback on possible scenarios or practices or dive deeper into the experience and culture of your people through our focus groups, including conducting interviews, performing analysis, and creating a results report.

    Leadership Presentations

    We provide slide decks, data, global research, best practices, and other assets to assist your team with securing buy-in and presenting results to your leadership team.

    Policy and Program Development

    Ensure equitable and high-performing remote work practices through thorough policy and/or guideline documents. Make your workplace more competitive and accessible with a commute program.

    Implementation Assistance

    Provide employee and manager training webinars, communications, and troubleshooting.

    Balanced Work 101

    This service will help you educate your company’s leadership on Balanced Work fundamentals. We’ve created an hour-long course all about how your company can move past the uncertainty of the short term to be intentional and strategy about your future of work. Invite one of our experts to give the presentation to your company and help start or advance your discussion about where, when, and how to work.

    Peer Connections and Best Practices Exchange

    The truth is no one has figured everything out, but you can be sure that whatever questions you have, someone else just might have some good answers. Join a professional network of employers across Central Perimeter—like VMware, Mercedes, UPS, and IHG—for special invite-only conversations about strategy, protocols, practices, and technology. Hear firsthand what’s worked for your peers, and compare notes on your current approach and plans for the future.

    Employee Resources

    Your people are your most valuable asset, so take good care of them. We provide a suite of resources and services, all of which can be customized and branded to your organization. Put them to work for your people whether they’re back in the office, fully remote, or anywhere in between.

    For Better Remote Work
    • Customized WFH Care Package, which includes productivity tips, visual guide to an improved at-home workspace setup, a task schedule template, and much more
    • Manager Best Practice Webinar
    • Remote Manager Training
    • Remote Professional Training
    For Commuting to the Office
    • Safe Commuting Guide
    • Hybrid Scheduling Worksheet
    • Guaranteed Ride Home
    • Discounted Transit Fares

    Commute Solutions

    We’ll be your resource to ensure the services your employees rely on when they need to travel to the office. We can help you connect with MARTA, ATL Xpress, or your local shuttles. We can also help you build commuting programs.

    Meet Balanced Work

    We’ve created an integrated framework called Balanced Work. In response to the rapidly changing work environment, Balanced Work offers a phased and flexible approach that knits together key workday factors: location, scheduling, and commuting. Browse our collection of guides that explore this emerging new future. Each guide is packed with in-depth research, practical advice, case studies, and ready-made templates. Dive on in.